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Florida Life Insurance Claims AttorneysAt the Wagar Dabdoub firm in Orlando, our life insurance claims attorneys are keenly aware that insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and not paying out claims. We have seen cases where insurance companies have gone to great lengths to delay or deny payment to policy holders and beneficiaries for life insurance claims. It is important to hire an attorney who understands these types of cases and who will fight for you.

There are numerous challenges and obstacles facing policy holders who expect their insurance company to promptly pay their insurance claims. These challenges include delays in investigation of claims, endless request for documents, requests for sworn statements or examinations under oath, requests for recorded statements, fraud accusations, application issues and material misrepresentation issues ... even litigation.

Our insurance claims attorneys are experienced in life insurance law, terminology, applications and practices. We will investigate the conditions surrounding your claim, file a dispute against your insurance company or challenge illegitimate insurance company practices. The attorneys at Wagar Dabdoub, P.A. will represent you aggressively in negotiations with your life insurance company.

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